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Making dogs' lives better

As veterinary professionals, we know that you always want the best for the dogs in your care. You're also likely to know some dogs who, often through no fault of their owners, aren’t getting enough exercise, are left alone for too long or need more socialisation and stimulation. That's why we want to let you know about BorrowMyDoggy and how it can make dogs happier and healthier.

What is BorrowMyDoggy?

BorrowMyDoggy is a community of more than 1 million members across 99% of postcodes in the UK. It helps dog owners to find trusted local people who would love to spend time with their dog - people we call borrowers. Dog owners get to know local borrowers who match their needs and build a relationship. Borrowers might take a dog for walks, keep them company or have them for overnight stays. Every match is different, but however it works out, the owner gets help looking after their dog, the borrower gets to enjoy spending time with a dog and the dog gets the company, exercise and socialisation they need.

What about safety?

We take safety very seriously at BorrowMyDoggy. Anyone can join our platform for free, but only Premium members can contact other members and borrow dogs. In order to become Premium, both owner and borrower members are required to pass our safety checks. Once verified they are also given access to a 24/7 vet line and are covered by our insurance.

How does borrowing work?

Both owners and borrowers pay an annual membership fee to become Premium members to cover the costs of our safety measures, but this is the only money that exchanges hands; borrowers do not charge owners for any help they give. Borrowers are often people who would love to have their own dog, but for various reasons the time is not right for them to commit to their own. They all adore dogs and often have a strong bond with their borrowed dog, which makes the borrower, dog and owner very happy.

What our members say


I joined BorrowMyDoggy because I was struggling to exercise my dog Hugh because of my health issues. Hugh and I have benefitted so much, he has lost weight and his arthritis has improved. And I have met two absolutely lovely ladies who borrow him for walks. Before discovering this site I was so worried about him not getting the exercise he needs.

When our beloved family dog passed after 13 years we didn't feel ready to jump straight into getting another dog. We found Dougal on BorrowMyDoggy and being able to take him once a week has been a wonderful way for my daughter and I to enjoy some canine company and our local walks which we had missed.


What vet practices say

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We know the BorrowMyDoggy team personally and admire the way they go about their business. Their obvious love of pets and their owners can be seen in the care they put into making sure everyone is safe and happy.

I love being a member of the BorrowMyDoggy community of dog lovers, that care more than anything about the dog’s wellbeing. You’re able to form a close, trusting relationship with the owners and work out a schedule that suits you both. Brilliant.

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